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Central Chit Act Module

New (central chitty act) changes incorporated software.

       Those who are involved in kuri/chitty business are aware that the implementation of Central chit act in Kerala also, has increased the work load of the employees in kuri companies since they have to prepare many reports in different forms published in the gazette notification. Customers can do this by preparing these reports in any word processor and making the necessary changes each time by editing the previously prepared report. But this might result in some clerical mistakes unless at most care is given in doing this.

Here is the importance of our new central act module. In our software we have provided facility to enter the details that are common for many repots and for same report but different kuri/chitty, through different options like Directors details,chitty details entry and parameter settings for company name & address, auditor, Banks details etc.

Once these details are entered, the new chitty details are stored temporarily in computer and the required forms printing can be done just by clicking the corresponding options without making corrections in each report separately. Once the new kuri/chitty is registered the details of that kuri is transferred automatically to the permanent kuri details in computer. This helps our customers to avoid the possible clerical mistakes in repeated editing and the time spend also would be less.

Also a major change in accounting procedure has come into effect by the introduction of central act. Till now the summary of transactions in a kuri was updated to the corresponding account head of that kuri in the branch (eg: Faridabad) where the kuri is registered and the summary of the branch to HO. Now the new kuri transaction summary should be updated directly to HO. But for existing companies the old kuri transaction has to continue as previously. We have done changes in our software to take care of these two methods simultaneously.

Screen shots
Photo gallery Chit form module.
Photo gallery Parameter setting option for adding Company details, Auditors details, Bank details, fees structure for registration etc.
Photo gallery Chitty master for adding registering chitty details.
Photo gallery View and print forms.