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Billing & Inventory Control Software for Retail Pharmacy

     This is a retail pharmacy billing and online inventory control system developed in VB with MS ACCESS or MS SQL. This can be interfaced with our Financial Accounting System (FACS). Pharma is the first successfully implemented retail medical shop software in India

GST Enabled
Automatic batch wise billing with no limit for number of batches. Hence requires minimum key press for billing.
Stock addition can be done during bill entry.
Refund of medicines done in billing.
Reliable petty sale within billing.
First Expiry sold first. [separate option for selected batch billing.
Substitute provision in billing.
Alerts the user for items below reorder level and that have expired stock.
Salesman wise sales report.
Daily collection summary report showing net cash, refund, cancellation, no. of bills, no. of cancelled bill, credit sales, profit etc. for verification.
Monthly summary of sales, purchase, credit sales, receipts, profit etc. and comparisons in no time.
Name wise / Date wise old bill viewing, printing and conversion to new bill.
Supplier wise purchase requirements report (proportional to volume of sales).
Expiry due report(All, Supplier wise, Rack wise).
Password controlled stock adjustment.
Batch wise stock report (Alphabet wise, Rack wise, Company wise).
Item stock report for random checking.
Fool proof purchase verification with profit margin checking (shortage entry provided).
Substitute entry option for shortage in purchase.
Supplier wise shortage -substitute comparison.
Date wise, Supplier wise and Item wise purchase query.
Flexible purchase return option.