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KMACS - Visual

Kuri Management Accounting System

     This Software Provides all accounting reports for a kuri company by entering primary transaction. For e.g.:- The effect of a chalan / receipt entered goes to cashbook, collection register and personal ledger as online and automatically goes to kuri daybook, kuri G.L., Branch daybook, Branch G.L., Head office day book and H.O. G.L., by Updation. Thus user entry minimized. Developed in Visual Basic with MS ACCESS or MS SQL.

Advanced customer chalan facility.
All in one issue transaction entry option.
Foolproof cheque handling method, with tracking of non collected cheques.
Auction adjustment entries are done automatically.
Customer status report shows the details of all kuri tickets ( including suit filed), guaranty details, pass book loans and kuri security deposits of that customer.
Guarantor's liability report shows the status report of that customer and his guarantors.
Date wise cumulative pending issue report.
Defaulters list (Priced and Non-priced separately) showing default amounts as on date.
Defaulter list for Bonus prize draw.
Agent wise defaulters list and member list provided.
Bonus prize issue monitoring options provided.
All kuri schedules tally automatically.
Interfaced passbook loan & kuri security modules.
Interfaced passbook loan & kuri security modules.
Automatic kuri intimation printing facility.
K. S. Deposit & Daily collector's collection with automatic adjustment option in kuri receipt.
Cross checking of details from balance sheet up to primary transaction by mouse click.
Complete suit filed transaction module with automatic closing entry.
Total automation in chitty accounting! No back office work required.
Additional Features
Updating of branch data through modem at the end of every day. Online connectivity of the physical branch. (i.e. A transaction entered in a computer at the branch is directly stored in the computer at the head office through modem. Facility to update data through modem at he end off the day is also provided.)