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Gold Loan Accounting System

      This Software is designed for Gold loan accounting system developed in VB.Net with MS SQL. GLACS can be interfaced with our Financial Accounting System (FACS)..

Facility to set interest rate based on issue amount per gram and duration.
Provision for storing customers photo in customer master.
Deductions of other charges can be done either at the time of loan issue or closing.
Single option for loan repayment and loan closing.
Option for FORM-G, FORM-M (Pledge book) and Stock register.
Re-pledge module and Auction Module (both optional).
All in one option for due loan report, sending notices with expense debiting automatically.
Customer wise loan report.
Face value based expired loans report.
DOS print, Windows print and exporting to excel sheets of the reports are available.
Old slips can be reprinted.
Personal ledger of each customer is displayed with the information such as photo of the customer, transaction details, pledged gold details along with the bag number, interest receivable till date and auction details if auctioned. Bag wise Loan Report.
The complete financial accounting system, cross checking of details from balance sheet up to primary transaction by mouse click.
Other Modules that can be interfaced with GLACS :- Fixed Deposit, Loans, Hire Purchase, Foreign Exchange Trading