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  Software development

Customized software

We develop generalized software packages for different vertical markets. Once we decide to develop a product for a vertical market, we do an in-depth study of the requirements of such customers and incorporate all these features in our software. Hence during the demonstration of the software, customer can see that almost all his requirements are met there in our product. The customization if required may be done only if it is logically feasible with our system. Therefore we always prefer to give the customer a demonstration before proceeding.

Turnkey Projects

Customer requirements, which are not available as a product with us will be undertaken as a turnkey project . The cost for the same will be charged separately on hourly basis of the work involved of the Consultant, Analyst & the Programmer.

Development methodology

System Analysis

We have an experienced team of consultants who provide intelligent solutions to the problems identified by the analysts. The analysts by discussing with the customers as per the guidance from consultants do detailed study of the customer requirements.


A team of programmers as directed by their project leaders make use of apt technologies available to make real, the solutions of the consultants.

Quality Control

Any product we develop undergoes thorough testing by the quality control division and will be delivered to the customer only if it is found to the error free.

Internal Auditing

We have an experienced team of accounting professionals to provide help for the accounting problems of our customers, who are using accounts related packages.


Our marketing team are so well technically trained that they are not only able to clear any customer doubt about the product but also capable of handling support to customers in case of emergencies. The highlight of our marketing policy is that "we promise only what we can do and we do what we promise".