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Kuri/chitty clients

Thrissur Area Customers Code:0487
Swadesi Chitties (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2429037
Mar Appraem Kuri Co, Ltd, Thrissur 2420383
Edakalathur Chitties & Loans (p) Ltd. 2338949
Alpha Kuries (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2425824
Majestic Kuries (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2424464
The Chaldean Syrian Kuries (P) Ltd,  2481487
Monetary Kuries (P) Ltd, Trichur 2444271
Aranattukara Kuries (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2321209
Kerala Kshemam Unique Kuries (P) Ltd,  2421486
Orieon Kuries (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2421011
Reshmi Kuries (P) Ltd, Ollur 2352170
Ollur Finance (P) Ltd, Ollur 2352749
Bhasura Chit Fund, Thrissur 2334724
Tharangini Kuries (P) Ltd, Chungam 2381492
Resource Kuries India (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2422764
Lokamatha Kuries (P) Ltd, Thrissur 2427041
Team Plus Kuries (P) Ltd, Ammadam 2279177
Paturaikkal Kuries (P) Ltd, Trichur 2322538
Agatha Chits (P) Ltd, Trichur 2382625
Samoohya Neethi Kuries , Thrissur 2446024
Vithayathil Enterprises, Puthoor  2355308
Durga Kuries, Pattikkad 2282469
Easy Kuries, Olari 2361390
Chiramel Kuries , Eastern Bazaar 6458886
Sambalsamrudhi, Kuries, Ayyanthole 2369174
Janavikas Kuries (P) Ltd, Pallikulam Road 2443148
Padmavyuham Kuries (P) Ltd, Olarikkara 2365055
Classmates Kuries (P) Ltd, Poothole 3211108
Thalore Chit Funds & Financers, Thalore 2355131
Hill Valley Chits (P) Ltd, Thiroor 2202101
Leaseindex India Ltd, Thrissur 2444318